Reiki Sessions available: Full 90 minutes includes consultation, impressions, cool down after session.


Massage Sessions: 1/2 hour, 1 hour, 90 minutes

Monday-Thursday    9am-10pm,

Friday                     9am-8pm,

Saturday                 10am-8pm

Sunday                    10am-9pm

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          Everybody requires various forms of physical contact for maximum health. People are instinctively aware of the power of touch. With so many health problems arising from stress, Massage and Reiki can have a profound positive effect on your wellbeing. Both Reiki and Massage are valued by many as one of the most effective means available combating stress and inducing relaxation. I use both massage and Reiki to eliminate the stress we endure in our everyday lives with specific strokes and movement for the purpose of comforting, relaxing, easing pain, and soothing anxiety.

My sessions provide a deep sense of relaxation & stress relief for the body. I personalize treatments to my clients needs for feeling relaxed and stress free; healing the mind body and soul. I utilize aromatherapy, healing stones, soothing music, scents and a beautiful atmosphere. Whether the aim is to sooth sore muscles or to ease tense ones, you will experience a sense of inner calm. I’m confident that you will find massage and Reiki to be a rewarding experience in decreasing your stress level as well as enhancing your overall well being…..

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Reiki (pronounced Ray-Key)

Reiki is very popular, and interest is growing by leaps and bounds. Articles are published daily in health magazines, national newspapers and television programs, all about the healing benefits of Reiki. Even local hospitals have Reiki practitioners providing complementary support to sick and recovering patients. Many will have a Reiki treatment before undergoing surgery.

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What is Reiki?

An ancient Eastern healing art or hands-on healing passed down from Tibet Buddhist writings.

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What does it do?

Helps to clear and balance the Human Energy field, and specifically chakras. This helps the body, mind and spirit to enjoy greater peace, well-being and health. You will have more energy. It helps to build the immune system and creates balance in our lives. Reiki is an excellent stress reducer. (Our modern day Physicists are talking about energy fields, their existence and importance. The average person knows something about the Mind, Body and Spirit connection and overall health and outlook. Look and see for yourself!)

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Why should I consider having a Reiki session?

Reiki stimulates self-empowerment and self-direction to the individual. You will learn to manage your own energy field: this means you will have more influence over your life, and as appropriate the lives of all people around you. For example: Let’s say that there is someone in your life who really “pushes your buttons”. I’m sure you know a few people who can do this! It by whoever is pushing your buttons. If you are unable to speak up to a person and speak your mind…your throat chakra may be blocked could be your partner, boss, child, co-worker or client. You would learn how to release that recurring drama by focusing on the area of the body (chakra) that is impacted. A Reiki practitioner may focus and place hands placed in this area will help to unblock those suppressed words. You will have a greater ability to unblock and release any negative energy and stay focused in your life.

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Pre-Surgery Techniques

Reiki is being utilized more often in hospitals and in pre-surgery units.  Reiki calms the body so that it is able to accept the anesthesia positively without negative side effects. Patients experience a sense of calm before surgery while stress and worry are alleviated. Visualizing a positive outcome along with Reiki energy work increases the healing process.

When we are in balance, then we can create a positive reality for ourselves and stay healthy.
The body has the natural ability to health itself.  The Reiki practitioner assists the client to achieve this self-healing. When we are in balance, then we can create a positive reality for ourselves and stay healthy.

Please schedule your appointment in advance. A money request will be sent when using  a credit card.  Credit cards are accepted through your personal e-mail address with advanced clearing through Paypal and will include a 7% New Jersey sales tax.  Distant healing is offered.  Please inquire.


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