Lorraine offers educational programs, alternative guidance, and holistic therapies for children diagnosed with ADHD.

The main characteristic for a child diagnosed with Attention Deficit Disorder (ADHD) is impulsivity, as defined by the American Psychological Association’s Diagnostic and Statistical Manuel~DSM IV.

What exactly is the criteria for Labeling a child with ADHD?  The ADHD Coding system for observing classroom behavior is as follows:

1. Inappropriate vocalizations are a verbal noise that was not preceded by the child’s raised hand “and” a teacher’s acknowledgment.

2. Being out of a seat for 3 seconds (this could be due to any form of movement).

3. Playing with objects defined as touching any object that was not associated with an assigned tasks. These behaviors are referred to disruptive behavior by teachers.

The current ADHD Coding System labels normal developmental behavior as an abnormal illness and/or disease.  Alarming, isn’t it?

Ritalin appears to be prescribed, not for any real disorder, but to relieve teacher responsibility for effective teaching. Prescribing Ritalin is big business and keeps a child stuck, codependent on a dysfunctional system, and primed for a possible future addiction (Northrup et al., 2001). As a result of the Northrup et al., study, the negative results were so significant that many parents who were part of the study immediately removed their child from amphetamine medication.

Ritalin is an illegal, Schedule II substance under the controlled Substances Act with a high potential for abuse, addiction and self-medicating behaviors. It may potentially lead to severe psychological and physical dependence and health risks including suicide.

Cross-cultural ADHD diagnosis studies are significant. Currently, the United States consumes 80% of the world’s MPH and ranks every other country in the world. Prescriptions for methylphenidate for individuals diagnosed with ADHD in the United States have increased more than 500 percent since 1990.

Lorraine offers educational programs, alternative guidance and holistic therapies to treat children diagnosed with ADHD.

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