– Please provide time, date, and place of birth)

Birth Chart Consultation (appx. 90 Minutes): $185 

(Astrological and Destiny Card)
Written Report only $50 

This report will describe your personality traits, the way others see you, the inner you. It will also describe your strengths and your challenges in this lifetime and the energies you were born with. Destiny card interpretation: your destiny card is a special card which coincides with your birth date.

Compatibility Consultation (appx. 90 minutes) $250 

Written report only: $80 (appx 60 pages) 

This report will compare your personality traits, the way others see you, the inner you with another person. The other person can be a co-worker, a relative, a friend or a lover or potential mate. It will also describe your strengths and your challenges in this lifetime and the energies you were born with and how they compare to the second person through use of a composite chart.

Transits Consultation (60 minutes) $110 

Written Report only $50 

This written report highlights the current energies affecting you and your life at this time and will pinpoint areas of your life which require internal work or focus on your part.

Solar Return Consultation (60 minutes): $150 

Your Solar Return Consultation, or your Birthday year report, will provide you with insight about your upcoming year, from birthday to birthday. Areas of your life which should be your main focus for the upcoming year will be highlighted in this report for you. An excellent birthday gift!

Fixed Star Written Report Interpretation: $60 

Written Report only USPS $60 

Written Report only E-Mail $30 

This report explores the myths and the meanings of fixed stars in your natal chart. Authored by Bernadette Brady and Barnswood Ltd, this is a full Fixed Star Report (16-20 pages of the meanings of each star in your chart in combination with your planets). This report provides the phase of a star,Ý star meanings and the stars that make up the foundations of your life.

Tarot reading online, phone, in person (30 minutes): $50 

60 minutes: $90 

During a reading I will ask you to focus on a question or a particular area of your life you want me to concentrate on. We will do this while I shuffle the cards. When you tell me to stop shuffling, I will turn over the cards and read to you what I see in the cards and in relationship to your question or topic of focus.

Numerology Report: $60 

(Written Report) 

This report shows your soul urge, your destiny and the energies you are born with in this lifetime based upon the number vibrations in your name. Each letter of your name has a vibration or energy linked and hidden within it. This chart may be purchased for an adult or child. A great way to get to know that new person you just met!

Children’s Natal Consultation (60 Minutes): $150 

Written Report only $60 

This prepared Natal interpretation for your child will help you to better understand the energies your child was born with. This can be used as a guide to address certain personality characteristics that you may encounter during their formative years. This makes a terrific baby shower gift!

Career Consultation (appx. 90 minutes): $175 

This chart interpretation is designed to give you a different approach to better understanding the abilities and planetary influences you were born with. This will help to provide you with a clear direction and a greater chance at success within a career and help you to choose a career best suited for your character and personality. Excellent graduation gift!

In Person/Phone/Online Consultation (appx. 90 minutes) $175 

Full Personality character profile answering any questions or concerns you may have about career, romance or personal tendencies. A full 90 minute consultation will assist you in evaluating any decisions you need to make on your life path and provide you with a better understanding of your inherent nature. Either a written report or cassette recording is offered.

Reiki Stress Reduction Energy Massage (45 minutes) $65 

(60 minutes) $80 

An ancient Eastern healing art or hands-on healing, passed down from Tibet Buddhist writings. Helps to clear and balance the Human Energy field, and specifically chakras. This helps build the immune system by creating emotional balance. Reiki also helps the body, mind and spirit to enjoy greater peace, balance and health.
I can suit any reading to your personal needs and time frame. Corporate and Private parties as well as class and individual lessons.

Advance payment is required for phone and mail consultations. Postage and cost of cassette is included in the above prices. To do a chart, I need your accurate birth information: Date, time, and location of birth in addition to your full name at birth and the full name you use on a day to day basis. It would be helpful to tell me any major concerns or specific questions you have so I will focus on those concerns or questions. Credit cards: Master, Visa and American Express are accepted via PayPal. Thank you for the opportunity to work on your interpretation. I look forward to helping and learning more about you! With love.. Lorraine

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