Noted Psychologist Carl Jung coined the term Synchronicity or meaningful coincidence.  
Every day of our lives we are surrounded by messages and signs.  You may not be consciously aware of it yet these signs and messages appear in your dreams, while you are walking down the street and within each person you meet or place that you visit.  There are echoes of messages that whisper to your unconscious mind to bring an awareness to your consciousness.
In the past, the ancients knew to pay attention to and interpret omens, animal totems and symbols.  In our modern day, we have lost touch with the wonderful gifts these messages bring to our awareness; if we pay attention to them.  Everyone we meet or who enters our life, crosses our path, does so for a reason.  They enter our lives to either mirror our beliefs about ourselves or what we do not like about ourselves we might find in them.  Perhaps they it is really only our fears of the same being mirrored back to us.

Very often signs and omens will present themselves to tell of future events.  You may have a precognitive dream indicating that you will meet someone or a particular event will happen, some time in the future.
Sometimes we may meet a person very briefly and engage in a conversation with them.  We may never see that person again and the conversation may have appeared to be of no consequence.  Yet some topic or word or sentence in that conversation may trigger a thought or an idea and we then pursue that thought or idea.  Our pursuit then guides us to another thought or idea and before you know it, your life has changed significantly because of the messages you followed.  I call it connecting the dots.
Most Astrologers ascribe to the rule of 3 when interpreting an astrological birth chart.  What this means is that when analyzing a chart, understanding the personality or whether or not a character trait will manifest, we look for 3 occurrences to validate the quality or trait.  With 3 aspects (planetary connections) we feel comfortable in asserting that this quality will operate within the natives life.
In my own life, I pay close attention to events or symbols that present themselves to me, especially when they appear in 3’s. For instance, recently while gardening in front of my house, I found a ladybug on a leaf.  I thought this odd since it is winter here in New Jersey!   Then one day within a week of finding that ladybug, while exercising at my gym, there was a ladybug right in front of me on my exercise mat!  How did a ladybug find its way into the gym and end up in the middle of my gym mat?  Within the very same week, while at my office I located another ladybug in the middle of a desk.  I've always loved ladybugs and call them “wishing” bugs as they lucky.  The number of spots on the ladybug tells you how many wishes you have!  I felt pretty lucky. Also, it has been said that the appearance of a lady bug hints at a new relationship. The direction the ladybug leaves you, north, south, east or west, foretells of the direction that new partner will come from!

When I was pregnant with my daughter, I attended these Lamaze classes.  In these classes you are taught the importance of correct breathing during contractions.  This breathing is supposed to alleviate the discomfort of labor and assist in pushing the baby out with ease.  When I was in hard labor (all 23 hours of it), and pushing (3.5 hours) all I could think about was my wanting to go to go home and to get out of that hospital. I was physically exhausted, while well meaning doctors and the midwife barked orders to ”breathe”.  “I am breathing,” I replied, you just can't hear me!!  I later realized that all that breathing stuff was really a distraction technique…to distract from the main issue and that was the physical pain of birthing a child with no painkillers!
One time, while asleep, I felt a hand on my breast bone and a feeling that I was being watched.  The discomfort I felt, in my sleep, forced me awake to find an ex partners face, just inches away from mine staring at me, as I slept.  Startled, I jumped up asking “What are you doing, what’s wrong?”  And the reply was, “I didn’t think you were breathing, and I was concerned that you were dead, you weren’t moving”!!  I don’t move much while I’m asleep and I’m a shallow breather, and I can see how this breathing issue was getting in the way of my life! J
A couple of months ago, I received a poem from a friend entitled “Breathe” and it left quite an impression on me.  Not only did the poem leave an impression on me but the title of the poem was startling given what I have written above, and what that word symbolically means to me. There is a song I had been listening to before receipt of that poem with the same title whose lyrics I will post here for you below that is reminiscent of the reason for the receipt of that poem with the same name entitled “Breathe”.
On Christmas Eve, a friend and I played a game called the Transformational All Game (I think that is the name of it).  In this game, there are different areas of life that we require focus on; the emotional, intellectual, spiritual etc. in relationship to the question or purpose we chose at the beginning of the game.  We roll the dice and move our pieces in the board game and wherever we land provides the opportunity to choose an Awareness, Service, or Angel card etc.  On my first turn, one of the 6 Awareness cards I chose had the word “breath” on the card.  I had to chuckle to myself…what message is the Universe revealing to me…again?  What’s with this breathe message?
The point is that it’s important to pay attention to synchronous events in our lives. More importantly, when events appear in 3 occurrences, pay closer attention.  It is necessary to “connect the dots”, to see what message is being revealed to you.  In our very preoccupied and busy lives we do not always pay attention to the clues and messages around us.  Sometimes we feel that life is taking our breath away and we need to take time to “catch our breath”.  There is also the expression about “I won’t hold my breath waiting for ..such and such to happen”.  Ushering in this New Year, given the recent catastrophic world events, perhaps we need to take a deep breath, count to ten before we react and then let it out.  When we exhale, we rid the body and mind of all that is toxic.  Symbolically we need to take in new experiences, process them and recycle them too in order to grow.  Everything happens for a reason and those reasons are often revealed to you in the form of synchronous events.  It is those very synchronous events that bring a heightened awareness or new path of focus into your pay attention!
Breathe - Michelle Branch - Hotel Paper
I’ve been driving for an hour
Just talking to the rain
You say I’ve been driving you crazy
And it’s keeping you away
So just give me one good reason
Tell me why I should stay
‘Cause I don’t wanna waste another moment
In saying things we never meant to say
And I take it just a little bit
I hold my breath and count to ten
I’ve been waiting for a chance to let you in
If I just breathe
Let it fill the space between
I’ll know everything is alright
Every little piece of me
You’ll see
Everything is alright
If I just breathe
Well it’s all so overrated
I’m not saying how you feel
So you end up watching chances fade
And wondering what’s real
And I give you just a little time
I wonder if you realize
I’ve been waiting ‘til I see it in your eyes
If I just breathe
Let it fill the space between
I’ll know everything is alright
Every little piece of me
You’ll see
Everything is alright
If I just breathe
So I whisper in the dark
Hoping you’ll hear me
Do you hear me?

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