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2. Empaths
3. Intuition/Psychic Awareness
4. BPD - Borderline Personality Disorder
5. Depression (Saturn, Moon, Capricorn)
6. The Gifted Child & Narcissism
7. Anger (Mars/Uranus)
8. Poems/Lyrics
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10. Animals

1. Reiki (pronounced Ray-Key)
Reiki is growing in popularity, and interest in Reiki is growing by leaps and bounds. Articles have been published in health magazines, national newspapers and television programs, all about the healing benefits of Reiki. Even local hospitals have Reiki practitioners providing complementary support to sick and recovering patients. Many will have a Reiki treatment before undergoing surgery or any medical procedure.

What is Reiki?
An ancient Eastern healing art or hands-on healing, passed down from Tibet Buddhist writings.

What does it do?
Reiki helps to clear and balance the Human Energy field, and specifically the chakras. This helps the body, mind and spirit to enjoy greater peace, well-being and health. You will have more energy after a Reiki treatment. It helps to build the immune system and creates balance in our lives. It is an excellent stress reducer. Many Physicists are talking about energy fields, theirexistence and importance. The average person knows something about the Mind, Body and Spirit connection and how balance is required for optimal health.

Why should I consider having a Reiki session?
Reiki stimulates self-empowerment and self-direction to the individual. You will learn to manage your own energy field: this means you will have more influence over your life, and as appropriate the lives of all people around you. For example:

Let's say that there is someone in your life who can really "push your buttons". I'm sure you know a few people who can do this! It could be your partner, boss, child, co-worker or client. You would learn how to release that recurring drama by focusing on the area of the body (chakra) that is impacted by whomever is triggering those feelings. If you are unable to speak up to a person and speak your mind...your throat chakra may be blocked. A Reiki practitioner may focus and place hands in this area which will help to unblock those suppressed words. You will have a greater ability to unblock and release any negative energy and stay focused in your life.

When we are in balance, then we can create a positive reality for ourselves and stay healthy.

2. Empaths and Empathy
Marked by an acute sensitivity to the feeling of others, Empaths can actually feel anothers pain and can heal it in some way. Since Empaths pick up on the feelings of others, there is a great understanding and ability to really “see” the other person. Others tune into the Empaths energy and tend to gravitate towards them knowing they are “safe” with this empathetic person.

Empaths can have a very expressive personality, are great listeners and often seen counseling and not just in the professional area, they will always find themselves helping others out and putting their own needs aside to do so. Very often there can be a swing to the opposite end of the spectrum being quiet with a need to withdraw from the outside world to be alone and daydream. Empaths are passionate towards nature, beauty, animals and children. Animals are especially dear to the heart. There is often an attraction to a special kind of animal but empathy towards all animals is a common characteristic. Animals and young children are especially attracted and drawn to the Empath’s qualities. There tends to be an immediate connection of sorts.

Empaths make great friends or lovers for life but are literally crushed if the friendship or relationship is abused. They will through many experiences and heartaches become more selective. Though empaths may have a large circle of friends, they generally only have a few trusted ones. Oftentimes Empaths attract jealousy in others because of their many talents, loving nature and natural ability to get along with and network with so many people. The jealousy will hurt an empath as they really cannot comprehend this behavior, or lack of compassionate understanding.

Empaths usually achieve in quiet and not one to brag about their talents and interests. They will often promote the talents of others before their own. Accepting compliments aren’t always easy. Empaths are usually facially expressive as well expressive with their emotiona and feelings. Talking openly and honestly on all topics is characterisic of an Empath. Because Empaths are frequently the recipient of listening to others problems they often retreat into the quiet of their minds eye. Oftentimes, the need to block out others is great so that the energy balance is restored.

Empaths tend to be peacemakers, are non aggressive and non violent. In fact, there is an acute sensitivity to violence of any kind on TV, in films and especially in “real life” situations. Any infliction of pain or violence to others, especially animals and children will cause the Empath to feel physically ill and retreat. Oftentimes the memories of that images will replay itself

By Annette, raven_once_more

Empath Reflection

by Jad Alexander Copyright 1992--2007 All Rights Reserved


1.  My world responds to my mind and my mind responds to my thoughts. My thoughts respond to me as I am none of those things. What I am exists eternally and through eternity I have become aware of what I am. One in mind and body, One in the world of mind, and One with all things.


2.  How I experience my Self depends upon my awareness. My consciousness is a greenhouse in which my awareness may grow. Through growth I become more of who I am and aware of how I grow. What I know is who I am and how I know is what I am.


3.  Awareness may be bound or free. My awareness is bound by thought, thoughts which focus on the outer world of form and interaction. Such thoughts bind the way I experience myself to the world around me, creating a sense of dependence, craving, fear, and struggle. When I struggle I lose my awareness in the thoughts that follow and forget who I am. In losing my awareness I fall into the sleep of forgetfulness and dream the dreams of the isolated mind. Who I am becomes bound by the dreams and I cry out for my freedom.


4.  Awareness may be freed by thought. My awareness is freed by thoughts which guide my perceptions inward to their source, to my spirit whose nature is limitless and unbound. As I free my thoughts I discover the unconditional state of joy that beats fiercely within me like the heart of the hummingbird. I hear the rhythm of this beating heart like a distant drum calling to me through the dream. In the heartbeat I feel the burning power of my ancient past beckoning me to awaken and to remember who I am. As I remember what I am I become what I remember. I set myself free.


5.  I create my Self by choosing my thoughts. I cannot add to or take away from my Self. For all that I am is present in each moment and through my awareness of the present I have access to all that I am. All that I am is whole and complete in the moment. Wholeness is holiness and holiness is the measure of my freedom within the dream. I choose my thoughts by knowing my Self and finding myself in all things.


6. My mind is the gate between the worlds. My heart is the light that binds the me to this space and the place where I may find freedom in this life. In this life I am as free as I allow myself to be. I am implicate, dweller in the space between the worlds.


7.  My journey begins and ends with the question, "Who am I?" For in understanding my Self I understand all others for we are all One and the Same.


8. In my present form or in any form I may come. The Universe spins around me as I move forward in a straight line, changing forms as I go.

What comes and what goes does not alter that line. For what I am cannot be bound.


9.  My forms live and die but I continue on. My treasures come and go, but I remain free.


10.  My mind is my vessel and my body its home. In this space I am within all space. In my heart I am one with all hearts. Space is my circle and the circle is my heart. I can move freely in this space by remembering who I am.


from "The Book of Storms" by Jadoa T. Alexander Copyright 1992-2007 All Rights Reserved. You can get written permission to quote or display the Empath Reflection on your website, blog, or forum by writing to

Jad Alexander and his group decided that in order to promote Empath Awareness, a special day should be set aside to establish this tradition. November 11th or 11/11 is Empath Awareness/Coming Out Day. 11 is "coincidentally" a Master Number; The Spiritual Teacher. Jad also established the universal "Sign of the Empath" as the letter PHI of the Greek alphabet . Annette has shared her exquisite artistic rendition of the symbol for everyone. For additional information on please go to Jad's beautiful informative website at:

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The Hunger Site : Give Food for Free to Hungry People in the World

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Child Abuse Prevention Network

3. Intuition/Psychic Awareness
What Is Intuition? Here is the definition from the Mirriam Webster Dictionary:

Main Entry: in·tu·i·tion
Date: 15th century
1: quick and ready insight
2 a: immediate apprehension or cognition b: knowledge or conviction gained by intuition c: the power or faculty of attaining to direct knowledge or cognition without evident rational thought and inference

What does it mean to have Psychic ability? Mirriam Webster defines psychic as follows:

Main Entry: [1]psy·chic
Function: adjective
Etymology: Greek psychikos of the soul, from psyche soul
Date: 1642
1: of or relating to the psyche
2: lying outside the sphere of physical science or knowledge : immaterial, moral, or spiritual in origin or force
3: sensitive to nonphysical or supernatural forces and influences : marked by extraordinary or mysterious sensitivity, perception, or understanding

4. BPD - Borderline Personality Disorder
The 7 of Cups card has many meanings as does every card in the Tarot deck. The description of someone with Borderline Personality Disorder in some ways reminds me of the Seven of Cups. This card depicts an individual faced with the mysterious images from cups (emotions) in a floating cloud. The various prizes in the cups are both positive and negative visions and the character in the card is taken aback by the choices, which are so confusing and ambiguous in nature. This card suggests that we are faced with a time to decide. We must make a decision that we must deal not only with our dream images but to face the reality of our situation. If we are constantly caught up in our own dreams, fantasies and inner dramas, we will never be able to move forward in our lives and make our dreams a reality or to overcome our fears. In one of the cups there is a person emerging with arms extended covered in a white aura of pink/red light surrounding the image….indicating a new awareness...a spiritual emergence...the color symbolic of love and passion...seeing the light!! But that is only one of the choices...until we lift the cloth we are still in the dark!! I love the symbolism for a person with BPD!

Sometimes when we see this card in a "reading" we are indulging in wishful thinking, daydreaming, getting caught up in illusions and creating fantasies. When we do this, we often allow our imaginations to run wild and will get caught up in self-deception. When we are caught up in self-deception we cannot see the reality of a situation and may kid ourselves about the facts and our perception of the facts. Because of this we can lack focus and direction and certainly commitment to a task or anyone we are involved with, especially to our romantic partners.

When we see this card we often have too many options offered to us and the possibilities can be overwhelming. The alternatives are confusing as there are too many choices or directions we can choose. When there are too many choices it may be difficult to focus. Because we cannot decide we tend to dissipate our energy, become scattered and disorganized and careless in our lives. We run around in circles. We may vacillate in making decisions because making them or choosing one path seems too limiting for us. When we become scattered and careless in our lives it affects our relationship with ourselves and with others, especially our intimate partners. We may start to neglect our health, enter into addictive patterns of behavior or thought. We may indulge in drinking, drugs, sex or sex with the wrong partners, overeat, become obsessed with a person or thought process. When we are obsessive or addicted we cannot function properly and we become irresponsible towards others, our most important others. When we become irresponsible towards ourselves and others, we can sabotage our own happiness and that of our partners...our lives start to fall apart in a rather predictable pattern. We can change this pattern of behavior as our lives are our own. We can manifest a positive reality for ourselves if we try.

If anyone would like to share their own stories with me, as well as offer their date, time, place of birth and the onset of their own BPD symptoms or diagnosis, that would be much appreciated. I look forward to hearing from you.

Office/Fax : 08700 887053
INFO LINE: 0870 00 56787
HELP LINE: 0870 005 3273

Border Support
Bordersupport offers education and camaraderie to Borderlines and their current or former partners. Members can access extensive files, links, and archives.

BPD World
The web site has been set up by Joshua Cole for sufferers of bpd, borderline personality disorder, but also for anyone with mental health problems.

BPD Central
Borderline personality disorders - Books, CDs, Info, Support, Resources, Links.

AFA Lecture Tape on Borderline Personality Disorder: Useful information for the Counseling Astrologer. Tape is 90 minutes. Handouts and class outline provided.
Purchase the tape from the lecture for only $14.95 + shipping

5. Depression (Saturn, Moon, Capricorn)
I read a book to assist in my addictions research which I highly recommend. It is called "I Don't Want to Talk About it - Overcoming the Secret Legacy of Male Depression" By Terrence Real. There seems to be a very strong link between depression and problems with addictions. When we are depressed, we will often seek ways, any way at all, to ease the emotional pain and sometimes physical pain of depression.

In one of the chapters called Sons of Narcissus - Self Esteem, Shame and Depression he relates back to the myth of Narcissus. Perhaps you recall this story..Narcissus was loved by many..both youths and young girls (perhaps young men too?) wanted him but he had so much cold pride within his tender body, no youth or girl could touch his heart. Narcissus is a radiant, energetic young man who excites the passions of the nymphs, all of whom he rejects. One of his spurned admirers, in vengence (she must have been a Scorpio :-), prays that Narcissus might himself one day know the torment of unrequited love. The nymph's wish is fulfilled when Narcissus, hot and thirsty from "hunting", stumbles upon a clear pool in the woods. He leans forward to drink and instantly becomes enchanted with the beautiful face staring back at him. Narcissus brings his lips near to take a kiss and plunges his arms in for an embrace. But the "image" (neptune) he longs for flies from his touch, only to return again each time he withdraws (venus/uranus). When Narcissus cries in frustration, his falling tears disrupt the figure in the water, and he beseeches the spirit not to "abandon" him. (pluto) "Stay, I entreat you!" he cries. "Let me gaze upon you if I may not touch you". With this the tale concludes, and much more of the same kind, he cherished the flame that consumed him. (neptune) Narcissus loses all thought for food (pluto/ceres, saturn/ceres) or sleep (neptune/pluto). Transfixed, he pines, withers away, and dies.

To understand this strange case history we must grasp the true nature of this young man's malady. People often think of Narcissus as the symbol of excessive self regard (sun/venus/jupiter), but in fact, he exemplifies the opposite. Narcissus did not suffer from and "over abundance" of self-love, but rather its deficiency (sun/saturn, moon/saturn, saturn square ascendant). The myth is a parable about paralysis. (saturn/capricorn) The youth who first appears in restless motion, is suddenly rooted to one spot, unable to leave the elusive spirit (venus/neptune). If Narcissus had possessed real self love, he would have been able to leave his fascination. The curse of Narcissus is "immobilization" (saturn), but not out of love for himself, but out of "dependency upon his image"

Like Narcissus's obsession, covert depression (saturn square ascendant or sun) is at its core a disorder of self-esteem. Healthy self-esteem (sun/jupiter) is essentially internal. It is the capacity to cherish oneself in the face of ones own imperfections, not because of what one has or what one can do. Healthy self esteem presupposes that all men and women are created equal; ones inherent worth can be neither greater nor lesser than another's. Such a vision of intrinsic self worth does not require us to lose our capacity for nuanced discrimination. We can still recognize our gifts and limitations, as well as those of others. But our basic sense of self as valuable and important neither rises or falls based upon "external" attributes. Parents display the basics of healthy self esteem when talking about their young children. A parents warm regard, the "gleam in the mother's eye" (venus) is internalized by the young child and becomes the seed of his own capacity for self-regard. The greater scarcity in true self-esteem, the greater the need for "supplementation". (addictions/compulsions of all kinds, multiple partners, etc.)

Narcissus, full of "cold pride" (moon/saturn, sun/jupiter) presents an "appearance" of untouchability. But the myth understands his secret vulnerability (venus/neptune - scorpio). Lacking the capacity for an authentic relationship, he becomes enthralled and eventually enslaved by his own reflection. Clinically, one might say that this young man had never developed the capacity to metabolize love, (hard aspects to venus) to take it in and make it his own. A therapist would speculate that in Narcissus's early development he was not cherished, never took the warmth of unconditional regard deep inside. (hard aspects to the moon or venus or sun) Rather than an internal sense of worth, be becomes obsessed (pluto/8th,neptune/12th) with his own adoration reflected back to him from without. This can never replenish him, because no amount of external validation or prestige can substitute for his own.

Narcissus in love with his "image" (or the face he shows to the world..the ascendant) is like a man in love with his bank account, his good looks, or his power (2nd house of values). Narcissus is an emblem for all men enthralled with just about anything other than their own deepest selves. Since the hidden depression is such in men stems from a lack of internal vitality, the defense of reflected glory rarely succeeds. Each time Narcissus reaches out to embrace the object of his desire, he only causes it to withdraw (uranus/saturn). Even his tears, his expression of pain, disrupt the beautiful image (neptune) and cannot be permitted. Narcissus must lay all of his authentic feelings, all of his needs, upon the altar of his worshiped reflection. He must "cherish the flame which consumes him". As inexorably as any addict, Narcissus is caught in a cycle from which he cannot break free (venus/neptune), even to the point of death (pluto). These are the essential components of "covert depression" (saturn/capricorn/moon)

"A lifetime of inattention to his emotions and his relationships (7th house, hard aspects to the ruler of the 7th and 7th cusp) was perched precariously over a childhood of profound psychological neglect". "Both men, with no malevolent intent, inflicted on their families a version of what they themselves had been through". "Thomas was "running" (mercury, uranus, 3rd house). Running toward the goal of financial security, to be sure, but was also running from the pain and emptiness he had felt as a child, escaping (neptune, uranus, pisces the sense of unworthiness and emotional impoverishment that had haunted him throughout much of his life.

Liriope, the mother of Narcissus once asked a sage if her son would enjoy a long life. "Yes", came the ironic reply. "So long as he never knows himself". Like Narcissus, covertly depressed men do not dare know themselves; the man's own experience, the pain of depression, is avoided. It is managed and denied.
The experience of depression is not so much about feeling bad, as it is about losing the capcity to feel at all. They are souls (pluto, scorpio, 8th house) in the lowest rung of Dante's Inferno, who were not seared in fire.....but frozen in ice (saturn/capricorn).

After reading this article you may wish to read about Narcissism and the Gifted Child in its separate heading.

If anyone would like to share their own stories with me, as well as offer their date, time, place of birth and onset of their own depression, that would be much appreciated. I look forward to hearing from you.

6. The Gifted Child & Narcissism
...Article to Be Posted Soon!

Dear Momma's boy
I know you've had your butt licked by your mother
I know you've enjoyed all that attention from her
And every woman who graced with your presence after
Dear Narcissus boy
I know you've never really apologized for anything
I know you've never really taken responsibility
I know you've never really listened to a woman

Dear Show-me boy
I know you're not really into conflict resolution
Or seeing both sides of every equation
Or having an uninterrupted conversation

And any talk of healthiness
And any talk of connectedness
And any talk of resolving this
Leaves you running for the door
(why, why do I try to love you
try to love you when you really don't want me to)

Dear Egotist boy
You've never really had to suffer any consequence
You've never stayed with anyone longer than ten minutes
You'd never understand anyone showing resistance
Dear Popular boy
I know you're used to getting everything so easily
A stranger to the concept of reciprocity
People honor boys like you in this society

You go back to the women who will dance the dance
You go back to your friends who will lick you ass
You go back to ignoring the rest of us
You go back to the center of your Universe

Any any talk of willingness
And any talk of both feet in
Any any talk of commitment
Leaves you running for the door

Dear Self Centered boy...

- Alanis Morrisette, Under Rug Swept CD       

7. Anger (Mars/Uranus)
...Article to Be Posted Soon!

8. Poems/Lyrics

Anger is a fire red volcano that keeps exploding
and lava flows slowly from it.
Hatred is a black cave that is so dark and it never ends.
A creamy white cloud that shimmers in the
morning sky is like a big surprise.
Happiness is a lemon yellow sun that changes shapes
every day and gets brighter and brighter.
A hot pink star that will never stop burning is true love.
Stress is a pitch black sky that strikes terror
whenever you look at it.
Embarrassment is a jungle leaf that is blown in the wind
and hides behind a tree.
All of our emotions make up a rainbow of
feelings and colors in the afternoon sky.

- Dana Marie Schmidt, 1998, Age 9      


The innocent (children) possess such foolish bravery
only to be forgotten when darkness falls
and death introduces itself.
To resurrect courage in a splintered soul
one must ask the heavens for another life
to be born again
fresh like the spring rain falling on nature's breasts
now young again

I take a courageous breath
and fear not the hell
that I know exists, to live a new life filled with hope and bliss.

- Danny R. Valente III (May 2002)

9. Related Links
Beings of Light


Barbara Finch
Barbara Finch is a Feng Shui consultant and a Chinese astrologer using Zi Wei Dou Shu and Four Pillars of Destiny astrologies.  An instructor and writer on Feng Shui and other Chinese metaphysics, Barbara has written a Four Pillars of Destiny correspondence course with Master Peter Leung and has lectured for the American Federation of Astrologers.  She also writes The Tai Ji Times quarterly e-newsletter.  Continually updating and expanding her knowledge of Chinese metaphysics, Barbara is committed to using this ancient wisdom to help those seeking assistance to best harmonize themselves with nature, time and space. She can be emailed at
10. Animals
Animals are People Too! Here are some links for Animals groups
Buttons, our chinchilla, who is now with the angels.

Monmouth County SPCA

ASPCA: The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals

American Anti-Vivisection Society

The Toronto Humane Society

Toronto Humane Society

PETA: People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals

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