1. "Indigo Children"
2. "Uranus Opposition - Midlife Crisis"
3. "Venus & Uranus"
4. "Venus & Neptune"
5. "Venus & Pluto"
6. "Mars & Uranus"
7. "Mars & Neptune"
8. "Mars & Pluto"
9. "Chiron - The Wounded, Wounder and Healer"
10. Asteroids
11. Quintile
12. Quindecile
13. The Quincunx or Inconjunct
14. Charts

1. "Indigo Children"

“Dedicated to my dearest “Indigo," my daughter Dana. Please read a poem she wrote when she was 9 years old entitled “Feelings," here.

What exactly "is" an Indigo Child?? Are they purple?? Purple is the color of the Brow or "third-eye" chakra. It is known to relate to how we relate to the good of all; it is our clairvoyance ability and our psychic or fine tuned awareness. It relates to awareness of others and to be of service. How apropos to name this generation of children "Indigo" as they truly are on a higher spiritual path than we are. They have incarnated into this lifetime with a more acutely developed brow or "third-eye".

This group of children born between 1985-1991 has a large stellium in the sign of Capricorn. In addition, the 1989 to early 1990 group also has Uranus in an exact opposition to the planetoid of healing, Chiron. Many of these children also have Neptune conjunct Saturn residing in one of the houses of their natal chart. With the high incidence of divorce, year 1989 saw the highest divorce rate in the history of our country; many of these children have suffered losses in the home - the loss of the father, or the "absent" and illusive or anti-depressant user father. The psychic and generational "imprint" of the times will play a significant part in their development of self and search for other forms of structure.

These children were born with a greater intuitive awareness and often display psychic ability. Their sensitivities are more highly developed. They are acutely aware of their environment from birth. Many are considered to be "environmentally sensitive". The air may be too hot or too cold, or sensitivity to odors and light as well as certain fabrics in early years. You might find that they are much more particular about the types of people they enjoy the company of. They question authority and don't respond to guilt trips. As infants they may feel discomfort or agitation being around too many people. They may have sensitivities to busy places such as shopping malls, and even to large birthday parties - to places that have a mixture of energy. They may not like television or loud music (initially) because of the high-pitched sounds that hurt their ears. The volume must be very low for them to tolerate some sounds. They may complain in their early years "my ears hurt".

Also note that so many of these children live on "junk food" as much of our society does. The chemicals, nitrites, hormones, excessive sugar and salt as well as empty calories are starving these same children of vital nutrients needed to stay focused in school. They may have more sensitivity to foods, particularly processed foods where their bodies simply reject it. The reject it by having allergic reactions or more sensitivities, or behavior problems, which unfortunately, go, undetected. Their bodies do not handle it, yet they have a steady diet of it.

Many have what is now being called Attention Deficit Disorder or ADD or ADHD. They may be diagnosed as having different disorders that are being misdiagnosed at alarming and increasing rates. These are not children who have problems. They are children who are moving into an energy system and society that is not adapted to who they are. They are moving into a world where they will be largely responsible for changing and building new structures within. The planet Saturn rules the sign of Capricorn and Saturn is symbolic of structures and methodical planning over time. They have already within them the imprinted energy for building a new world, a new structure that will birth new ideas and structures and all the forms that will support a new "higher" consciousness.

These children seem to not have the same kind of emotional and physical needs that "our generation" had although physically they are similar. They seem to not feel the same way as you do about things. They are frustrated with rituals and ceremonies of all kinds and have a high self worth: they know who they are and don't need you or I to teach them this. They know what they want and like and what they do not. They are more decisive. The can love and nurture yet are able to detach in a way indicative of others on a high spiritual path.

These children are our "new " teachers... teaching us there is another way to view reality. Their perception of reality differs from that of "our" generation. You need to take cues from these children because they "know". Our current educational system is not set up to effectively deal with these children. How can an educational system that rewards many inept educators who hold fast to obsolete values and ideas with a lifetime job (tenure) supply our children with the values and knowledge required to move forward on their intended path? It is my "opinion" that this must change....and that will be another topic to be discussed at a much later time.

These children are wired differently than you and I and are emotionally different. They have an acute sensitivity to other's pain and feelings...they can zero in on it quickly however, they do not own it in any way and they do not take on another's pain. They acknowledge the pain and because they do not hold onto it; they quickly move on.

They may also not have the same kind of reactions you do in an emotional sense. They may cry at beauty rather than pain. They may cry when they are overcome with love rather than something that is typically hurtful. They may not know how to accept loss, for example grieving is difficult for them in that they have difficulty expressing what they are feeling.

Since part of their life path is one of "spiritual detachment", they may need some assistance from time to time getting in touch with their own true feelings.

I have found that many of these children have different sleep patterns or rhythms. Their energy levels can be extremely high, literally "bouncing off walls". They may not sleep a lot or sleep at different time intervals. They may sleep early in the evening and be up very early in the morning or visa versa. They "dry out" easily and need to drink a lot of water. Spinning, twirling and drumming assist these children in soothing their highly developed central nervous system to better coordinate and focus. Knitting, crocheting and using the fingers and hands are also calming.

These children overall tend to not fit into our current society very well. They can be rebels and march to a different beat. They are highly independent and can be our new teachers or leaders. They are very loving and perceptive seeing right through the "masks" others wear. They see through the current educational system and their teachers and are often bored, restless in their chairs and can't sit still. Imagine sitting in a "board" (bored :)) room listening to your boss who is not quite as smart as you are..and doesn't' quite "get it", day after day. This is what these children experience on an almost daily basis in our current school system. Many of these children need to be schooled in non-traditional ways and excel in their technical abilities. Many are "academically talented" and need direction, to be focused in the right direction (lovingly) and not ignored in any way.

Many of these children are gifted souls. They see easier ways of doing things and are minimalists. They are innovators to herald a new age, an age of technology, computers and will build new structures and foundations for our society. These children came into this lifetime with a particular planetary energy. Those born between 1988-89 especially have Uranus, Neptune and Saturn in the sign of Capricorn. Uranus is about the future, computers, innovation, electricity and the nervous system. Neptune is inspiration and compassion and Saturn is about wisdom and structures. Piece this sentence together and we have group of innovative children, wise beyond their years, whose nervous systems are wired differently to utilize computers and new technology who are inspired to build new structures in our society. The lack of compassion many receive from educators and society, who do not understand their unique needs, instead drug them into submission, will inspire them to become more compassionate towards other misunderstood generations.


2. "Uranus Opposition - Midlife Crisis"


With one light on, in one room, I know you're up when I get home
With one small step upon the stair, I know your look when I get there
If you were a king up there on your throne, would you be wise enough to let me go
For this queen you think you own
Wants to be a Hunter again, wants to see the world alone again
To take a chance on life again, so let me go.
The unread book and painful look, the TV's on, the sound is down
One long pause, then you begin, oh look what the cat's bought in
If you were a king up there on your throne, would you be wise enough to let me go
For this queen you think you own
Wants to be a hunter again, wants to see the world alone again
To take a chance on life again, so let me go, let me leave
For the crown you've placed upon my head feels too heavy now
And I don't know what to say to you but I'll smile anyhow
And all the time I'm thinking, thinking.....
I want to be a hunter again, want to see the world alone again
To take a chance on life again, so let me go.

- By Dido, No Angel CD

Uranus opposition occurs in your birth chart when transiting Uranus is approaching a 180 degree opposition from your natal Uranus position at the time of your birth. This transit occurs at approximately 41 years (plus or minus a few months) of age symbolizing our "Mid-Life Crisis". The house that your natal Uranus resides in as well as the opposing house will be highlighted during this cycle.

Since Uranus is a planet that brings sudden awareness or changes to our lives, it often significant in creating upheaval and chaos in our lives. Uranus like to make changes, swift changes whether we are prepared for them or not. He seems to know when we are stuck in an area of our lives and forces us to make changes, and rather quickly at that. Sometimes the force at which Uranus "strikes" takes us completely by surprise. At the time, the changes made may seem sudden, as if they could not be predicted. However, if we really think about those changes on a deeper level, they were truly mean to be, and should have been made or decided before this time. Our lives are usually better off because of the change. Most people are static and security minded in nature. We often opt for the easy way out even if it does not suit our emotional or spiritual needs over the long term. Uranus knows better than we do at times, and during our Uranus opposition we are forced to search the depths of our soul and make the changes necessary for our personal growth.

3. "Venus & Uranus"
When Venus, the planet of love, beauty and harmony meets up with the unconventional, freedom loving planet Uranus we can have some pretty interesting results! Since Uranus tends to disrupt the status quo and Venus prefers harmony, we have a clashing of wills.

When these planets sit closely together in the birth chart in a conjunction, we may have difficulty with conventional types of relationships or committing to relationships of any kind. Domestic life isn't very appealing to the Venus/Uranus individual. There may be alot of nervous energy between these two planets...and life and love will never be boring!

On the other side of this, the Venus/Uranus individual can be incredibly stimulating, sexually exciting and may also have significant creative ability and considered unique in some way.

4. "Venus & Neptune"
Venus is what we love and what we are attracted to while Neptune is how we may escape into fantasy. Neptune creates illusions in love when it touches loving Venus.

I would like to describe some real examples from my own personal experience having been in "three" relationships with men with the Venus/Neptune conjunction in the sign of Scorpio, 1 of them had the conjunction in the 2nd house, the other from the 1st to the 2nd and then another across the 10th/11th houses. Since Venus is the ruler of my 7th house, I tend to attract men with a strong, or in these cases a debilitated Venus. My Ascendant is in the sign of Scorpio, and being in a relationship with another who has their natal Venus/Neptune conjunct my ascendant is rather significant.

Without getting into a lot of detail here on each of these relationships, I can validate some negative manifestations of this conjunction in the sign of Scorpio at least three times over and then some! The men I have known with this aspect simply do NOT see women clearly at all!! They are unable to see the motives of others or the motives of themselves. They often can't see the forest from the trees, so to speak. They overidealize love and the woman in their life at the "moment." I think I was Queen for a day, a week a few months...then all you have to do is "breath the wrong way" and the illusion and fantasy is shattered and you become a mere mortal being...replaceable!! Onto the next fantasy!! The value system is completely screwed up, confused, and each one of these men, all three, drank too much ..would drink themselves into oblivion...and be fine the next day. Neptune is fantasy and escape, and the ways we can escape from mundane reality. This can be via drugs, alcohol or sex. Many with Venus conjunct Neptune can be functioning alcoholics, if you will, but they think they have no problem at all. Multiple relationships YES...cheaters, yes, but it is always their partners fault. However, they don't "think" they are being deceptive or cheating because "you" deceived them by not living up to their ideal: "the perfect woman," one without flaws. There is a lot of projection going on here. The justification or rationalization for their behavior is remarkable. They really do "believe" they are being faithful ...when they are with you they are...then...well...

There is an inability to commit and multiple marriage or affairs are quite possible. On the positive side, this conjunction is very dreamy and sexually provocative. One with Venus/Neptune can often be quite sensitive and compassionate, on the other hand. Romance? Venus/Neptune is the epitome of romance! The Venus/Neptune person can wrap you in a world inhabited by only the two of you. There can also be a love of beauty, artistic ability and many talentsas well as the ability to create beauty or a rather dreamy atmosphere for their loved one. Very often there is a compelling, irresistible, almost naive sweetness to the personality. Venus/Neptune...can have a fondness for sugar and chocolate delights too!

Another positive side of Neptune to Venus would be the ability to "dissolve" boundaries and deception. Neptune not only creates deception and fantasy but it also has the ability to dissolve it. We need to own our behavior and then learning to utilize our planetary energies is key.

5. "Venus & Pluto"
The Devil Card in the Tarot deck is symbolic of some of the types of feelings we have when in a relationship with someone when we have a Venus/Pluto Conjunction. We may feel so completely bonded to this person in an almost obsessive way. Because of this obsession we will often feel tied down or stifled by the intensity of this energy almost as if it is against our will! We often merge with this person on a very deep level losing our independence and allowing ourselves to be controlled and enslaved to this addictive feeling of sexual love. When we become addictive in our love patterns we often get caught up in appearances and the physical part of the relationship. We begin to limit ourselves, choosing to stay in the dark about other areas of the relationship. When we neglect seeing other areas of the relationship we can start to think negatively about seeing the relationship without this passionate energy and the intensity of the connection. We can become stuck in fear and doubt at this point.

I have had my own experiences in relationships with Venus Pluto contacts and if you read Linda Goodmans Relationships Signs books she emphasizes Venus/Pluto as "soulmate" or "twin soul" aspect...there is a very intense and deep love between the parties. It isn't only the Venus person who is doing the loving..the Pluto person is loving the Venus person but with a more "transformative" and intense/possessive love..usually the Venus person is overwhelmed, allured, attracted, consumed, and petrified all at the same time!! It is a vey intense and passionate encounter. When Venus Pluto conjunct in synastry usually other people "see" how in love the two are without any words between the couple..they could walk down the street and others will simply be envious and take notice!! It's an amazing thing!

Pluto connections are always intensely transformative. When we are in a relationship with another where there is a Venus/Pluto conjunction...our lives, for better or for worse...will never be the same.

Here are some keywords to assist you in better understanding the energy of the planet Venus:

Love, feeling, harmony, relationships, ability to give and take, longing and desire for union, sensory pleasures such as in five senses, beauty, sensuality, aesthetic peception, art, talents, good taste, the throat and neck, being vain, temptation, focusing on external factors, what we value, money and how we earn it. Venus is the feminine energy principle in the birth chart.

6. "Mars & Uranus"
Here are some keywords to assist you in better understanding the energy of the planet Uranus:

Freedom, individuality, equality, the entrepreneur, independence, experimentation, change, intuitive perceptions, brotherhood and the collective, the ankle, electricity, astrology, revolution, the internet, unconventional, wilful, aversion to everyday obligations, unpredictable, restless,aloof, detached, liberator, comic consciousness. Uranus' energy principle is responsible for sudden upheavals in our lives.

7. "Mars & Neptune"
Here are some keywords to assist you in better understanding the energy of the planet Neptune:

Dissolving boundaries, spirtuality, fantasy, illusions, delusions, the unconscious, our dreams and dreamlife, alcohol, poisons, chemicals, confusions, deceit, spirits, intuition, visionary ability, receptivity, passive, the feet, compassion, faith, images, th eimagination, photography, film, liar, schemer, seducer, unpredictable, changeable, self-deception, deception to others,, boundless sympathy, devotion, idealistic. Neptune's energy principle is responsible for disolving boundaries and enhance our natural intutive function.

8. "Mars & Pluto"
Here are some keywords to assist you in better understanding the energy of the planet Mars:

Strength of will, assertiveness, goal oriented, energy you fight with, determination, directness, drives, urges, agression, the head and face, willpower, unrestrained, sexuality, hot-headed, destructive, courageous and passion. Mars is the masculine energy principle in the birth chart.

Here are some keywords to assist you in better understanding the energy of the planet Pluto:

Deep transformation, the depths, darkness, the source, underground, beneath, psyhological forces, our instincts, power, control, helplessness, dependency, intensity of strength, drive for far reaching and deep changes in self and in others, healing forces, hypnotic, destructive, sadistic, sexual organs, sex, the occult,compulsions, obsession and emotional entanglement. Pluto's deep transformative energy principle is responsible for making long lasting and much needed changes in our lives.

9. "Chiron - The Wounded, Wounder and Healer"
Chiron is a planetoid which orbits between the path of Saturn and Uranus. He was discovered in 1977. I call him a "he" since Chiron relates to the Wounded Healer - The Centaur. A Centaur is a mythical creature that is half man and half horse and he is symbolic of the sign of Saggitarius. It is said that Chiron had aimed his poison arrow outward and was accidentally wounded by his own dart. Because of this, he had a wound that would not heal. Very often when we receive a wound in childhood, or have a painful experience, we can repress that pain and carry it with us throughout our lives. Often we are able to transform that pain or hurt as a lesson we needed to learn. As a result of these painful lessons, we are later able to utilize this knowledge to help or heal others who have experienced a similiar wound or pain in a particular area of life. For example: A woman who is raped becomes a Rape Counselor helping other women deal with their betrayal. It could be the child that everyone teases in school, the "nerd" who develops a unique idea to win wordly praise and recognition. It is often what we repress that propells us.

It is no "coincidence" that we tend to attract people or experiences to us who have either suffered the same issues or experiences as ours if we have not resolved our own painful experiences. Sometimes, though, we are meant to assist others, once we have completed our own internal work. Have you ever noticed that we tend to attract the same kinds of experiences and people to us?? They are only disguised differently!

Planets, asteroids and the like are usually disovered synchronistically during a time when it is symbolic of the collective and outer worldy events happening during its' discovery. The discovery of Chiron was no different as he was discovered during the beginning of our moving into the direction of a more healthy and holistic lifestyle. Energy workers, massage therapists, and astrologers abound! There were new technological discoveries...a bridge between the old and the new.

Chiron is considered to be a "bridge" between the symbolism of both Saturn and Uranus. Between the old structures of principles of our lives and the innovations of the collective. When I look at the glyph (picture symbol) for Chiron, I also see a small key....a key to "unlock" a door. Chiron can also be considered to be a key or knowledge to unlock something within us as individuals or a bridge or key to another person or to the collective.

I have seen some interesting dynamics between birth charts of individuals who have Chiron contacts between them. Chiron seems to be a teacher of sorts and he prefers that we take responsibility for doing our homework. In fact, he makes sure we do by "keying in to" or bridging us to the people we need to meet in this lifetime, that we need to work with. He seems to have the sage-like wisdom of Saturn yet is able to transform that wisdom into something unique, and new and useful for today and in the future...just like Mr. Force - us - to Change, Uranus!

What should be noted is that Chiron has a few faces. He is the "wounded" one for certain and from that hurt he is capable of being a great the teacher to heal others because of his painful experiences. However, he can also wound others, hurt others with his knowledge or pain if he has not resolved these issues successfully in himself.

It has been said that "When the student is ready, the teacher appears". Where is Chiron located in your Birth Chart?

10. Asteroids

PALLAS ATHENA Greek Goddess of Wisdom and Strategy
Pallas Athene, Minerva (Roman), the Greek Goddess of Wisdom, sprang from Zeus's (Jupiter) head fully formed and cloaked in armor. She symbolizes a woman with the intellect of a man. Because she was borne of man and not woman she is symbolic of a "Uranian" type of matriarchal energy.

She was well liked, resourceful and earned the trust of others, especially men. Although a Warrior Woman, she is peaceful in her strength and wisdom. She also represents justice and righteousness and her tendency to fight for the underdog. Her inner courage enables and protects her in surviving battles. She enjoys competition and has skill in most sport. Her association with the Owl, symbolic of inner wisdom and special visual perception, is well deserved. She is "Joan of Arc", the stereotypical creative, intelligent woman with abundance of inner strength.

In your chart, she is symbolic of the way a woman makes her way in a man's world. She symbolizes a woman's relationship with her father. In her wisdom, she also had the role of counselor to her father. You can then substitute this symbolism for the way she treats males in general and in relationship with them. Men with a strong Pallas need to stand up for their rights.

In addition to her war-like nature, "she was credited with inventing weaving, the potter's wheel, spinning, needlework, and was also associated with navigation and agriculture, especially the olive tree". - Lee Lehman, Ph.D.,The Ultimate Asteroid Book. Olive flower essence restores energy when you are physically and "mentally" exhausted. Her ability to plan, strategize and carry out those plans utilizing systems and concepts is her strength. She is indicator of our intelligence and our style of perception. Although perceived to be somber and serious, she is strong and takes decisive action and never whines.

Pallas is also symbolic of the mind/body connection and the healing arts in general. Flashes of insight and genius along with creative works of art are indicative of a prominently placed Pallas.

She is also associated with androgyny. She has the unique ability to express both her feminine and masculine side. Negatively, Pallas would identify more with men than with women and could lose part of her femininity. Since she wore a protective suit of armor to ease her into a mans world, this could symbolize the defense mechanism of intellectualizing and rationalizing situations to place distance between the self and others so as to not experience feeling and pain.

Interestingly, while Pallas was respected and admired by men she was never quite validated by them as a woman. Her creative abilities and intellect were not considered to be "feminine" traits desirable in attracting men, even though she was attractive in appearance. Most daughters/women are taught to play dumb and conditioned by society that women should repress their creative expression to avoid rejection from men. My own mother lectured to never allow a man to know how smart one is, while my father would talk about how men prefer women who are a little helpless, since men have some primitive urge to save women.

A modern day Pallas Athene is a woman of the New Age, unwilling to compromise any part of whom she is to be in a relationship. Equality is her goal in relationships which is why Pallas is also linked to the partnership sign of Libra.

With Pallas' association with Uranus and Aquarius, her prominence in your chart will indicate how you, if you're a woman, operate in a "man's" world, and if you're a man, how you operate in a "woman's" world. It is also symbolic of how you place aside your sexual nature in order to relate platonically to the opposite sex either in a business or friendship.

JUNO - Relating - The Wife
Juno is the goddess of marriage and was known for her fidelity and loyalty to her husband Zeus/Jupiter. The 6th month of June was sacred to her and traditionally many marriages take place during the month of June. Juno symbolizes the principle of relationship and like the sign of Libra, our most intimate partnerships. She also signifies the consummation of marriage and is also linked to the sign of Scorpio. Children and the rights of children are linked to Juno in the horoscope.

Juno in your horoscope can point to a "soul" mate partner and is often an indicator of compatibility between two birth charts. Juno yearns for a deeply committed, mystical and sexually fulfilling relationship. Unfortunately many of Juno's expectations in her marriage to Jupiter were not fulfilled and realized. Jupiter betrayed Juno by having numerous affairs while holding her loyal to him in her sexual chastity. He did not maintain sexual fidelity. Since her relationship needs were not met, she displayed a variety of complexes which included jealousy, abandonment issues, sacrifice, playing victim, giving away of power, manipulation, patterns of oppression, possessiveness and anger to name a few.

Juno wanted a relationship that was fair and reciprocal. However, what she experienced with Jupiter were power struggles, infidelity, oppression, disappointments and conflicts when she was faced with the reality of her marriage to Jupiter for what it really was.

Bringing the symbol of Juno in our relationship today is quite different. Having one monogamous relationship our entire life is no longer the norm, nor is it practical. We live so much longer and are more spiritually aware and growth oriented. It is more common for us to have serial monogamy where we may have 3 or 4 long-term partners or marriages during our life. I do not believe that most people are naturally monogamous, although I believe that planets in some signs are more prone towards monogamy, it is a choice some people make for themselves and their relationship. That choice is one of maintaining intimacy, security and stability within an existing relationship. Let's face it, the more distractions or people you bring into a marriage the greater likelihood for that marriage to break down over time anyway. Fear of committing or being truly "intimate" with a partner may also cause one or both to seek excitement outside of the marriage. Cyber affairs come to mind here.

Perhaps Juno had unrealistic expectations in her marriage to Jupiter/Zeus. She assumed that in marriage she would be Jupiter's only sexual partner. When she discovered this was not the case, she became enraged, jealous and very possessive of him. She remained faithful to him despite his infidelity. This was her choice. Her faithfulness was one of Juno's finest attributes. She stood by her man, no matter what. The unfortunate part of this was that her unhappiness and sadness was internalized. The sexual boundaries in their marriage were betrayed. When we internalize hurt and pain and feel unfulfilled a variety of pathologies can surface ie: resentment, regret and bitterness. She might have asked herself some questions: How much must I sacrifice to be in this marriage? When does the sacrifice to be in this marriage betray who I am and what I value most? Is my compromise appreciated? Astrologically, here Juno would signify the lack of acknowledgment received from her partner and the emerging resentment that her needs are not being met.

When we take a vow of marriage most people think their spouse automatically takes a vow of fidelity. How many people ask their partner, beforehand, if they want only one sexual partner during the marriage and more importantly can they be monogamous? Given the high incidence of "affairs" in our society, I think we need to discuss issues of fidelity "before" we legally tie the knot, don't you agree? It is mostly assumed that because you have a legal document, a marriage certificate, this implies fidelity and the marriage will be a monogamous relationship. In actuality, it only implies a legal commitment ("'Til Divorce do us part.") and a tax deduction. Actually, in the vows of marriage there is nothing insinuating fidelity. "Love, Honor and Obey." (ahem) This sounds typical of something the patriarchal Roman Catholic Church would write, doesn't it? Obey?? Define "Obey". My interpretation is "Do as I say, not as I do".

Our patriarchal society imposes monogamy and restricts our basic, inherent instinct to procreate, at will. Monogamy and fidelity is a choice. It should never be assumed or taken for granted. Both celibacy and monogamy are choices you make and it is human nature and your basic right to be able to change your mind about it. Astrologer Jeffrey Green comments on this and states that the concept of monogamy, one sexual partner for life, exists because men wanted to own and possess their partners. The beginning of patriarchy has its roots in the knowledge that men have an "interest" in and contributed to the conception of children...this was the beginning of patriarchy. Their partners were then considered property to own. Is this why when women marry they suddenly becomes Mrs. "His last name"? These are issues surrounding the position of Juno in the birth chart.

The house in which Juno resides in your birth chart points to where you are most committed. For instance, Juno in the 10th house might show a person most committed to work and their profession. It might also say that having a "wife" or "husband" and having the identity of being "married" is important to the career. Juno conjunct (close in degree) the Sun would manifest similarly and might also say "I don't exist without a partner" or "I need to have a committed partner or I am committed to partnering". My own Juno resides in house 9 in the sign of Leo, the house of higher learning, beliefs, spirituality, philosophies and long distance travel. I have on more than one occasion been in a relationship with someone from another country, ethnicity or in relationship with a partner who traveled for work. I also need my partner to share in similar philosophies of life and a spiritual path. In the sign of Leo, I tend to be attracted to Fire signs (Aries, Leo, Sagittarius). Juno in Leo in the 9th house would show the need for a loyal and devoted partner, one to feel proud of (Leo). The other side of that is that I am a fiercely loyal (Leo) and fair and open-minded (9th house- Jupiter energy) partner in return.

Today, the placement of Juno in your chart may also symbolize the area of life where you should be open to change and balance in your relationship. If Juno lived in 2004 perhaps she would have divorced Jupiter. Perhaps she would not have accepted the back seat in their marriage. Women today want equal power in their relationships and don't necessarily see it their duty to stay and protect the home life if it means giving up parts of who they are or how they want and need to be treated.

VESTA - Sacred Virgin as symbol for Virgo
The Sacred Virgin depicts our Lovely Asteroid Goddess Vesta, also known as Hestia by the Greeks, symbol for the sign of Virgo. Vesta was worshipped, as she was the Goddess of the hearth and keeper of the sacred flame. She had a shrine placed at the center of every home, similar to our modern day fireplaces where loved ones gather around; friends and family have the opportunity to bond. She is the brightest of the asteroids and is the only one who can be seen with the naked eye. How fitting for one who is the guardian of the sacred fires. Since Vesta was chosen to guard and protect these sacred flames, she came to symbolize food and shelter, hospitality as well as social contacts. She provided a sanctuary of protection.

The Romans utilized her eternal fire and chose the Virgins at the age of 6. They took vows of chastity and celibacy lasting for the duration of their 30 years of service. Virgo = service.

My favorite myth comes from pre-Hellenistic Greece. The sacred flame the priestesses guarded symbolized the Kundalini fires of Indian Yoga practice and the secret powers of sexual alchemy. The woman who tended to these fires were known as Virgins but not because they were sexually chaste but because they remained unmarried and belong to no man. They had no need of being defined or controlled by any man. (don't you love it?? J) "Ms. Vesta" was way before her time...perhaps the first woman's rights activist!

Now... these "virgins" actually served as sacred harlots who sexually gave of themselves to strangers! They didn't use their sexuality to attract a man or husband to satisfy their own needs but to serve a higher purpose through the process of fertilization. They provided a "service" by servicing a males sexual needs or the need to bear a child out of wedlock. Since the Vestal Virgins bore Queen-like status, the seeds planted were considered to be a sacred union and male children born from this union were considered to be "Kings". In the book "Asteroid Goddesses" by Demetra George, she suggests how "Latin kings were born of a virgin mother with no known father or to be the son of the God. In fact, many of the Kings of early Rome were the sons of Vestal Virgins". Interesting.

The location of Vesta in your chart will signify withdrawals; when you have depleted your resources. Focus and illumination are keys. If you have a strong Vesta in your birth chart you may engage in sexual encounters with a variety of partners... most often to avoid long-term commitment. "Strong Vesta points to a variety of possible sexual expressions that include denial, sexual union outside of marriage, promiscuity and prostitution."

Does Vesta sound vaguely similar to our modern day prostitutes or our new age Sex Therapists? The archetype is the same. Sacred sex or prostitution? You decide.

What can Vesta teach us about our own sexual nature? What lessons can we learn from her? How can we utilize the symbol and mythology of Vesta to transcend our social and cultural taboos around sex, patriarchy and monogamy? Where is Vesta in your birth chart?

"You don't belong to no one... that's a shame. You could hide beside me... maybe for a while.
Šand I won't tell no one your name" - Goo Goo Dolls - Name

11. Quintile (72 degrees - creativity)

Many have called the Quintile or the 5th harmonic series, the aspect of creativity or of hidden talent. Hidden mainly because we are not always aware of our talents. Sometimes we need others to "spark" our interest and to develop these hidden or latent abilities in ourselves. We do not always work to our fullest potential either. Talent is something that you may have developed after repetition ...sort of along the same idea that "practice makes perfect!".

72 degrees divides into the 360 degree zodiacal wheel 5 times. If you are familiar with the number 5 symbolism in numerology, the number 5 person might be multi-talented, but just as likely to suffer from lack of direction and there may also be confusion around ambition. Number 5 people are usually very adventurous and progressive and prefer their freedom as routine stifles their creativity.

In the Tarot deck, the number 5 card is the Heirophant. He is traditionally the High Priest here on earth. He is a spiritual Teacher and a trusted guide and the link between ourselves and our higher selves...our spiritual potential.

The 5th house of the zodiac is the house of creativity, the house of Leo. The emphasis here is in creating. Since house 5 is also the house of children, romance and creativity you can see how our energy or "creative potential" can possibly take different forms. We can create beautiful works of art, lovely children or beautiful romantic relationships!

Every once in a while I will discover a birth chart with Quintiles surrounding the entire chart. This picture resembles a star within the birth chart and links 5 Quintiles together. This star shows the path of Venus. When Venus transits the sky, her path traces a 5 pointed star pattern or a pentagram. Venus is love, beauty, creativity and talents as well as what we value. This pattern bestows the "potential" for a vast amount of creative energy within the character of the individual.

12. Quindecile (165 degrees)
The aspect for the quindecile are planets 165 degrees from each other. The quindecile is considered the aspect of obsession or obsessive-compulsive behavior. These are the types of behaviors we do impulsively without being consciously aware of it. Obsession can be a good thing if it leads to achievement or a not so good thing if we become "obsessed" or too focused in one area of our lives while ignoring other aspects which may be more important for our growth. An example of this might be the "addictive personality." This person can be obsessed to the point of addiction. Addiction here is a negative manifestation. Addiction to drugs, alcoholism, sex are the route of the escapist. However, many people "escape" into their work to avoid relationships with others because of unconscious fears while others escape into their relationships to avoid dealing with themselves or the reality of the outside world.

Sometimes we can call being driven to achieve as an obsession. The would be the typical "workaholic." Obsession often implies something negative or having a negative manifestation. This is not always the case. Oftentimes we need to be "passionate" about something in order to achieve in that area.

13. The Quincunx or Inconjunct (150 degrees - health, stress) (KWIN-kungks)
The Quincunx or Inconjunct is a 150 degree aspect that may cause us to review and then adjust our behavior or our preconceived notions. Often there will be a sense of disatisfaction but you don't really know exactly why. It can be likened to the itch we are unable to scratch! We may need to compromise and therefore, in compromising, we may feel frustration. The Quincunx is often considered to be an aspect in health issues.

If you're a crossword-puzzle fan, then you may already know that an "as" was a type of coin in ancient Rome. The Romans also had a smaller coin that was worth only five-twelfths of an "as." This smaller coin was called a "quincunx" (from the Latin for "five-twelfths"). The quincunx was marked with a pattern of five spots or dashes--one in the middle and one in each of four corners. The coin has disappeared, but the name of this distinctive pattern lives on.

14. Charts
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